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*trips in coughing because of the dust and swatting at cobwebs*


Hello everyone! Let's see... what to say... oh yeah!

I'm REALLY new to actual LARPing, but not the idea. My dad is a long time NERO and (former) SOLAR player, so yeah, I kinda grew up on it. I've only been to a grand total of two events in which I actually played (back three years ago when I was 14). I wish I could've done more, but my mom thinks roleplaying is "evil." Since I love and respect my mom, I will wait until I am no longer "under her roof" to take up NERO.

I'm currently about to enter my senior year of high school, then it's off to college! I grew up in Kennesaw, so it's only natural for me to want to go to KSU, right? So yep, that's where I'll be in a year. ^^ And yes... I'll be looking for a job that I can keep while there.

Anyway... I recognized Ishmael and maybe Sybil... in the list of names... is there any reason I should? Maybe I'm tripping at this late hour. @___@

My character was Quatre, an Elven earth templar. You probably don't know her (I mean, two events... really). *shrug* How about my step-mom's character Orquidea, a Gypsy earth templar...

Er, let me make this easy....

Anybody know Allan or Empe? They're my parents! xD

Okay, to wrap this babbling up... I hope to revive this community with my inquisitiveness. Seeing as how I can't actually play for another year, could you guys just keep posting and letting this poor little girl hear all the awesome stories? *puppy eyes* If not posting here... at least somebody that'll listen to my constant babbling and many questions. ^^

By the way... what happened? I was looking on the site to see if any events are scheduled for 2007. Do you not plan that far ahead? Did I miss something? (obvious question... of course I did...)

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