The Standing Dragon Weekly (standing_dragon) wrote in nero_atl,
The Standing Dragon Weekly

Another Season, another idea

Heya guys!

Wow, quiet community lately - so time to liven it up as the season approaches. I've got some general questions some of you may have the answers to:

1) At A.H. Stephens, are tents and tentpegs allowed, or must any tents on-site be of the pegless variety?

2) How many of you intend on attending Nero-Atl events this year?

3) Can any of you get me in touch with Sybil?

Rest assured that the gypsies are returning this year, and with a vengeance. I look foreward to seeing the lot of ya'll about, and the roving Gypsy Caravan will be at your doorstep as soon as we figure out what the year's schedule looks like.

Catch y'all on the battlefield!

Pytor, The Littlest Gypsy, aka

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