One Man Standing (ishmael02) wrote in nero_atl,
One Man Standing

A Question for the Contact-LARPers:

(Crossposted to the 'LARP-support' community, and the overall LARPing community.)

Folks -

What's your stance on Ultralights and Superlight weapons for contact LARPing? Fair/Unfair? Safe/Unsafe? Do they promote speedsticking or shotgunning? Add or detract from the experience?

I'm curious to see how others in the community feel. I know that I, for one, would love to see ultralight and superlight weapons removed from the games as a whole; I feel that their lack of appreciable weight, smaller size, and increased speed actually make them more dangerous than similar PVC or CPVC core 'stock' weapons. Additionally, I feel that they actually detract from the experience - swordfighting becomes something less than cinematic and, in fact, usually devolves into mad flailing while people yell out incomprehensible taglines.

Which is the point.

Generally, I find, too, that ultralights are usually insisted upon by the more.. uh.. nebulous members of the community (prove me wrong!), while others have adopted their use simply to stay compedative. Would all of our systems be better off for removing them?

I'd say so. But I'm curious about hearing your opinions. Sound off!

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