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Since no one else has yet...

NERO Atlanta, this last weekend, in review:

I had a ball. :) Merintha was a joy, but the Lady Magus and Seneca were the nobles that made my event, admittedly. :) As always, for me, the joy wasn't necessarily in the moments of plot, but the moments of interaction with other players - those who were shocked by or enervated in my Gypsy's wandering rambles, and those who spoke of more serious things...

Gate-crashing the instructions on chivalry and law was the biggest risk, for me, in the event - one never knows how nobility will react to the Gypsy - but I suppose poking fun at the nobles /and/ the ones asking stupid questions of them proved that anyone playing the role of Fool can get away with it if he treats /everyone/ equally under his ridicule. Wonder of there's a lesson for the nobility there?

Katie D - thy presence made my game complete; Portia and Pyotr have a /really/ wierd bond, and I haven't figured /that/ out yet - but the revelations made by both sides in the darkest moments and in the next day when all was different, and the night before when the cards were thrown... wow. What /is/ it with you and making my characters honest to themselves? Kathy, (is it C or K? I never have asked) - your Stone Elf Guildmistress Person is fast becoming one of the Gaje my poor gypsy persona can respect; *grins* We shall have to taunt nobles together more often.

So - verdict? A very, very good event for me - as I posted to the NERO-ATL message boards - one filled with every emotion I cared about, and one that actually changed my character as opposed to flowed around him.

On the flip side? I heard a few complaints, though I've none myself - complaints about how violent the game was, overhearing someone griping about a 'lack of Roleplaying' and blaming staff - I do have an answer to those folks, and a reminder to everyone else:

You will only get out what you put in.

To expect plot to provide for you personally all of the roleplaying you'd ever want, well - that's just foolish. There's 80 people there, folks - and the eight people responsible for making the game as interesting as possible for those 80 have their hands /full/. Plot exists to help with the framework, not the meat - they make your world dynamic, they're not there to hold your hand and drag you through every possible permutation of what you can and can't do. Mind - I understand there are some fair gripes, and I'm not addressing those (leaving those to those who can speak more of them) - but I don't think it's any coincidence that I play a character who exists to give /others/ a good time wholly by his actions, and I had no objections for the event. :)

By the by - if anyone had one of Pyotr's readings who happens to be perusing these pages - drop me a line at and tell me if you enjoyed the experience? I'm not going to /stop/ doing it - but I didn't get my usual chance to talk with everyone and see if it was worthwhile RP this time - that's usually where I refine what I'm doing and try to make it better, so if you've suggestions for improvement, let me know. :)

All in all - if 5 is an average, fun event, 1 is one not worth attention, and 10 is the stuff of legend, I'd drop this one in at around an 8 - not for plot (about a 5 - I don't interact with Plot much as this particular character, not yet..) but for the people I encountered, the quality of the RP, and the memories made.

(remember - there's one girl out there worth 7 Dukes, 2 Counts, and A Baron, and Gypsies have a ritual that can protect you from Dragons for an hour...and if a certain gypsy proposes to you, don't accept - you'll end up with a child and vanish through a rift into another plane of existance...)

AkA Pyotr Mikhael Andreovitch de Negracie, Gypsy King, Best of Men, Wooer of Women, Smiter of Noble Ego, and Teller of Tales.
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