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Here's to Sainrith, a good friend lost....

My old character Dove, had the most contact with Sainrith, Sam's character from WAR. He was there for her during a rather difficult time she was having, dealing with her wayward son and his antics. Sainrith never said a word, just let her explode and collapse into tears, holding her hand the whole time...a good and gentle spirit, one who I am sure the currently living will miss greatly.

It sucks when a character you've invested a whole lot of time in dies, it really does. Everyone handles it differently. I wish I could post publicly on the boards exactly what I wrote above, but I cannot, my character's been dead since last September. So I guess I posted my feelings here so that they could still be seen...can't wait to see Sam's next incarnation, and I hope he continues playing and visiting Atlanta and ETN. *hugs*, my friend...
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