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Nobody's posted in here for a bit, so....

...and I'm bored, so here goes!

Just wanted all to know that one of the things that keeps me playing LARPs is the enthusiasm and excitement generated by the new players we get from time to time. I delight in hearing how things that the rest of us "old-timers" take for granted, become new and somewhat magical again when viewed for the first time by new players.

Last Tyrangel event, I was very disappointed in how some of the aforementioned "old-timers" treated everyone and everything around them, especially the new players. Players who had been bitching for a year or more were handed custom-made hooks leading into things they've been wanting to see, only to blow them off either due to ego issues or disinterest, sad!

Not so the new players! When the hooks came to them, they not only jumped at them with such energy, even when they realized they may be seriously outclassed, they refused to give up, even knowing the danger they were in. They not only rose to the occasion, they outclassed all of those who had passed it by with their elegance and bravery. Kudos to them all!

'Nuff said...I am currently busy working on some "aftermaths" of actions taken at the event, some may love it, most will hate it, but "thems the breaks", methinks.
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